Department of Economic and Social Sciences

Head of department: Endre Horváth Dr., PhD., college associate professor

E-mail: horvathe (at)
Phone: +36 (1) 203-0304 (ext.: 2231)

Research workshops

Workshop for Environmental Sciences

Analysis and proving the profitability of investments based on renewable energy sources using theoretical economic models and empiric studies.

Workshop for Accounting-Controlling

Application opportunities of the Balanced Scorecard methodology in the non-profit sector and in fields of traditionally not profit-oriented services. Using of management accounting methods in the agricultural sector.

Methodology workshop

Explore and disseminate the methodology opportunities of education, measuring and assessment systems which support - using online methods - the efficiency improvement of competence-based education, especially distance learning (blended learning) and the career success of alumni taking into account the requirements of the job market against human resources