BSc in Business Informatics

NAME: Business Informatics

QUALIFICATION: Business Informatics Engineer

TYPE OF THE COURSE: full-time undergraduate BSc degree course



In undergraduate Business Informatics program students gain comprehensive expertise in the fields of computer sciences and in business and management. The business word is dominated by the need to analyse information and hence to make appropriate decision. This means setting up processes to identify the information requirements of an organisation and to analyse data so that appropriate decisions and strategies can be adopted.

This field of study will give you a sound foundation in information systems from the basics of management information systems to dedicated decision support, database and expert systems.

Studying business as part of the course allows students to gain a firm understanding of the role of business in society and develop knowledge of the main functional areas.

A key aim of our programme is to combine academic knowledge with transferable skills in order to enhance employability


Year 1 (two semesters)

In this first year of BSc studies all students study the same modules, giving you a thorough grounding in key areas of Mathematics, Computing, Economics, Business and Social studies. Your study will include courses in Mathematica Analysis, Linear Algebra, IT and Programming Foundations, Macro- and Microeconomics, Business Law, etc.

Year 2 (two semesters)

You will take programming courses that emphasize the principles of programming and computing fundamentals. Students will cover topics such as Visual Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Databases, etc. You will also study subjects that will help you to better understand and analyse information, such as Decision support Systems, Business and Corporate Information Systems, etc.  Your curriculum will cover Foundations of Accounting, Project Management, Marketing and Finance.

Year 3 (two semesters)

One of the key aims of this course is to be able to apply IT tools in business life. In this year of study you will specialize for Business (Economics) and IT applications and will cover topics such as Statistical software, Strategic and Business Planning, Business and Corporate Information Systems, e-business Applications, Web-marketing, etc.

Year 4 (one semester)

In this last semester you will have the opportunity to select courses from a range of options, and you will focus on the preparation of your final project, i.e. the thesis.

Course curriculum (see pdf format)

Preparatory Course

The preparatory course is designed to help students to develop and strengthen their basic skills (Mathematics, Economics, and Communication) necessary to continue their studies on the BA course level and to improve their English language knowledge.