BSc in Business Administration and Management

NAME: Business Administration and Management

QUALIFICATION: Economist in Business Administration and Management

TYPE OF THE COURSE: full-time undergraduate BSc degree course



A degree in economics has long been regarded as an excellent preparation for many types of career. This degree provides an ideal mix of both economics and business.
The course is aimed at those with a desire to gain a systematic understanding of management-related problems, and to gain the skills and competences necessary for the development of creative decision-making.
The study of business administration and management offers you a structured insight into both the theoretical and practical dimensions of organisation and management.


Year 1 (two semesters)
In this first year of BSc studies all students study the same modules, giving you a thorough grounding in key areas of Mathematics, Economics, Business and Social studies. Your study will include courses in Analysis, Statistics, Macro- and Microeconomics, Business Law, and Foundations of Accountancy, Basics of Informatics, etc.

Year 2 (two semesters)
Second year modules introduce the fields of advanced business administration and applied economics.
You will take courses that emphasize the principles of Accountancy, Finances and Business Informatics. Students will cover topics such as Analytical Accountancy, Project Management, Logistics, Databases, Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Controlling, HR, Marketing, Environmental Economics and Management, etc.

Year 3 (two semesters)
In this academic year you will specialize in chosen areas. Currently we offer the following options of specialization: Business Informatics, Environmental Management. Core modules for this year: Decision Supporting Systems, Marketing communication, Human Resource Management, Quality Management, Business Ethics, etc.
In this 5th and 6th semester of studies you will have the opportunity to select courses from a wide range of options. (Economical Policy, Economical Geography, Controlling Case Studies, Organisational Behaviour, etc.)

Year 4 (one semester)
In this last semester you will have field practice, and you will focus on the preparation of your final project, i.e. the thesis.

Course curriculum (see pdf format)

Preparatory course

The preparatory course is designed to help students to develop and strengthen their basic skills (Mathematics, Economics, and Communication) necessary to continue their studies on the BSc course level and to improve their English language knowledge.


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