Students' workshops

The aim of this workshop is to ensure the possibility  of the creative activity for students interested in topics. The main activity is organized around pictures and animations preparing in 3D supporting by Blender free software. The weekly gatherings provide the learning leaded by the teacher, and establish the group cohesion and community building. The members of the workshop keep in touch and work together via GDF ILIAS e-learning credit system, their products and tutorials are published on the open sites of ILIAS.


The aim of this workshop is to practice the usage of graphic tablet and we make better our visual communication. This group is useful and enjoyable for those student would like to keep beauty of the manufactural work int he cyber world. After the weekly gatherings students keep in touch via GDF ILIAS e-learning credit system, their pictures are published on the open sites of ILIAS.


Many of today's teenagers are interested in producing their own community and  websites, but we know that to prepare the really good sites need a lot of new knowledge, skills and creativity. The students are encouraged to realize their visual imaginations using HTML, CSS, PHP/MySQL technologies in this group.




The first task of the group was the robot-arm programming, however, students worked on a more complex problem. The robots were built from Lego Mindstorms NXT kit and were programmed in Java programming environment. They had to change the full firmware of the NXT which has an own operating system.



The mobil programming has been announced primarily for students on BSc level with object orinted approach and knowledge.





The mentors of Dennis Gabor TalentPoint  undertake the mission. They frequently go to different schools to deliver scientific lectures and demonstrations to motivate studens dealing with sciences and invite them to our workshops.

Dennis Gabor TalentPoint