Business Communication


Type of course: Lectures + practice
Number of credits: 3
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 15/15/0

Host institute: Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

Purpose and requirements of the subject:

The basic purpose of this subject is to develop effective communication and attitude-behaviour skills required in business life. In order to improve business communication skills, various practical tasks, case studies, tests, situational exercises and consultations supplement the theoretical grounding of communication theory. Students acquire the communicational knowledge necessary for career management and to effectively develop successful business relationships.

Description of the subject:
The first task of the students is to get acquainted with the basic approach and terminology of communication enabling them for a later independent study of communication theory reference material. This is followed by the introduction of well-known models and the study of the dynamics of communication as a necessity and a socially embedded activity. Students will be able to identify different roles, communication channels and targets. With this theoretical foundation they are ready to implement it in the context of business communication.

Students are required to study the given reference material at home prior to consultations where the more difficult parts of the material are discussed in detail, through answering questions and dilemmas raised by students in connection with the given topics.

Method of teaching:

Supporting material:

  • Business Communication Today, 11/E, Courtland Bovee, John V. Thill, ISBN-10: 0132539551, ISBN-13: 9780132539555, 2012 , Prentice Hall
  • special uploaded content in ILIAS electronic learning content management system

Submitted home assignment

  • Students are assessed on a 5-graded scale on the basis of their home assignment
  • Assessment viewpoints:
  • student’s ability to implement the acquired knowledge
  • professional use of related terms and phrases
  • required length of home assignment is 5-10 pages
  • it is required to officially refer to professional reference and other sources in the paper