Decision Support Systems


Type of course: Lectures, seminars, laboratory practice
Number of credits: 3
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab):15/15/0

Host institute: Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

Purpose of the subject:

The goal of this course is to introduce students into the nature of management decision-making, various decision-making models and methods and the areas and opportunities of their practical application. Students get acquainted with techniques used in different decision areas, and also learn about the opportunities and organizational impact of decision support with the given IT tools.


In the first half of the course we are studying the human decision-making process, both from the points of the general theory of human behavior and actual practical problems. The scientific background of this field is huge: decision-making theory is included in all processes of social and behavioral sciences. The basic principle is that the decision-making process is a human activity ruled and governed by different psychological and sociological factors.

The course also aims at introducing the types of information systems used in management decision support, their structure, elements, the opportunities and effects of their use on the operation and to learn about basic principles, methods of their creation. It also gives an insight to implementation techniques of decision support information systems.


The course ends with an examination or submitted home assignment. There are some topics of different home assignments that can be downloaded from ILIAS learning management system, two of which have to be submitted during the semester. The topics are arranged in two large categories:

  • The analysis and assessment of decision-making dilemmas
  • Information support for the decision-making process

Teaching method:

Lectures, situational tasks and individual study.


There are no official pre-requisites of this course, however, the material is based on knowledge of the following:  Foundations of Accounting, Business Economics, Enterprise Economics and Management,  IT foundation subjects

Supporting Materials:

  • interactive electronic course material in ILIAS electronic learning content management system


In case two home assignments are submitted, examination is not obligatory. Students receive a practice grade on a five-graded scale.

The topics of both home assignments can be selected from a given topic list that is published in ILIAS electronic learning content management system.

The examination test is 60 min., of 50-60 points, with different task types:

  • True/False questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Definitions
  • Essay
  • Practical task about a given problematic situation