Enterpreise Resource Planning Systems


Type of course: Lectures, laboratory
Number of credits: 5
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab):30/0/15

Host institute: Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

Purpose of the subject:

The subject acquaints students with the general corporate operation model and  with IT solutions supporting its functions. They absorb the basic characteristics of integrated corporate management systems by learning about their emergence, implementations and the way these systems operate.

The theoretical overview is followed by a laboratory practice where students can learn the use of Microsoft Navision and ACTUAL.


  • Introduction
    • Corporation, control, management, system, integration
  • Corporate and IT strategies
    • Strategic managemet (analysis, strategy shaping, assessing opportunities and choosing, communication and embedding a strategy in the organization. Strategic controlling)
    • A connection between informatics and corporate strategy
  • ERP systems
    • Data processing systems
    • Management information systems
    • Strategic information systems
    • E-business systems
    • Production optimizing systems
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II)
      • Optimised Production Technology (OPT)
      • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
      • Total Quality Management (TQM)
      • Just In Time (JIT)
      • Project Cycle Management (PCM)
  • IT support for business processes  
    • Material processes (supply, logistics, production, service)
    • Financial processes (financial, management accounting)
    • Information processes (business informatics, information management, database, data warehousing)
  • Corporate Management System requirements
  • Choosing and implementing CMS
  • CMS systems in Hungary
  • MS Navision and ACTUAL, practice

Teaching method: Lectures and seminars are blended. Participation in lectures is strongly recommended.

Pre-requisites:  Business Management, Economics

Supporting Materials:

  • interactive electronic course material in ILIAS electronic learning content management system

Assessment: Completion of two in-semester tests. Students receive a practice grade on the basis of the mean of the results of these two tests, their performance is assessed on a five-grade scale.