Ergonomics and Work Safety


Type of course: Lectures
Number of credits: 3
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 15/0/0

Host institute: Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

Purpose of the subject:

  • To introduce the structure and connectedness of Ergonomics and Work safety – their relationship in the life of business organizations.
  • Ergonomics:
  • introducing students into the theory and practice of ergonomics, its frontier sciences and connections. The subject provides s synthesized knowledge for students, while at the same time shaping their approach to such issues.
  • Work safety:
  • The direct purpose of this subject is to teach students the requirements of healthy and safe work, as well as provide them with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to regulate work safety activities in a business organisation. Students get acquainted with knowledge about the protection of the health, body and working capacity of employees.