Green Projects


Type of course:
Number of credits: 5
Hours (Lecture/Practice/laboratory): 15/30/0

Purpose and requirements of the subject:

The basic purpose of the subject is the economic approach of environmental protection which is the basis of environmental management practices. The course relies on the foundations of environmental economics, aims to assess renewable energy, environmental, economic and social benefits, feasibility and conditions of the financial return on the investment in green funds.


  • Investment into Renewable Energy Resources – Stock Exchange
  • Remunerative Features of Renewable Energy Resources
  • Incentives for Investments of Renewable Energy Resources
  • Feed-inTariff
  • Renewable Energy-Projects
    • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
    • Aspects of Project Assessment
    • Preparation of Scenarios
    • Cost Benefit Analysis of Environmental Protection Projects – Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency and EU methodologies
    • Renewable energy Projects in Hungary