Hungarian Language and Culture


Type of course: Lectures, museum visits
Number of credits: 2
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 12/8/0

Host institute: Institute of Economics and Social Sciences

The objective:
The aim of the course is to provide useful knowledge about Hungary, Hungarian culture, history and the basics of Hungarian language.

Course summary:
The program consists of language and cultural studies and provides opportunities to actively explore Hungary and contemporary Hungarian culture. During the language training students learn the basic rules of grammar, pronunciation, reading, words and expressions in everyday situations.
In the framework of cultural studies the students learn about history, geography, folklore, art history and social issues.

Pronunciation exercises, Hungarian alphabet, giving your name, nationality, occupation
Greetings, personal pronouns, intonation
Offer somebody food and drink, accept or refuse an invitation, present tense
Expressing regret, ordering a meal, booking a room, vowel harmony
Expressing approval disapproval, everyday conversations, object (t-ending)
Ask for and giving directions, read maps and addresses

National Symbols, Hungarian cuisine,
History of Hungary
Geography, regions, nature
Art, Architecture, Budapest
Science, Music, Literature
Traditional culture, folklore
Hungarian holidays and their celebrations

Teaching method:
presentations, language exercises, museum visits

Supporting Materials:

  • special uploaded content in ILIAS electronic learning content management system


  • short essay