Operations Research


Type of course: Lectures, seminars
Number of credits: 3
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 15/15/0

Host institute: Institute of Basic and Technical Sciences

Purpose and requirements of the subject:
The most significant part (about 60-70%) of the practical implementation of Mathematics focuses on the definition of the optimum of a quantity. We have numerous different methods to perform our activities (planning, production, cost-saving, etc.) effectively, however, modern technology and economy create new optimisation problems. The student gets acquainted with some classical methods of defining the edge in differential computation, however, practical tasks require new methods. Operations research focuses on these new methods.

Review the basic knowledge in linear algebra.

  • Varied practical tasks from the field of operations research
  • Mathematical modelling
  • The standard model of linear programming and its variations
  • The simplex method, simplex charts.
  • Dual problems, the Neumann duality principle
  • Implementations
  • The principle of dynamic programming
  • An overview of the important topics of operations research


  • report

Method of teaching: Lectures, practical classes
Supporting material:

  • all materials in ILIAS electronic learning content management system


  • written exam with 5 grades