Leonardo-SIMS: Social Media Networker Project

The innovation transfer project ECQA Certified Social Media Networker Skills (SIMS) deals with professional qualification and certification of the modern job role of Social Media Networker. The aim of this project is the transfer of the Social Media Networker Skills to the industry. This will provide a technological and methodological strategy for online learning assessment, recognition, facilitation and qualification for this new job role. The project includes:

•Development of an online accredited programme of study for the job role of a social media networker.
•Piloting of the programme in all participating member states of the project and refinement of the programme based on systematic feedback
•Dissemination of the project results via a range of channels including a major conference and special issues in journals
•Ensuring the sustainability of the project and its outputs through the European Certificates Association and other bodies.
To this aim, this project will establish a skill set and certification criteria based on the European-wide accepted scheme of the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association). It will involve industrialists on an international level, and it will implement the results in selected partner institutions.