About the project

Every organization influences the society in some way or another. This includes influence to the health, wellbeing and life in general of employees and their relatives; influence to the environment, partner organizations and various stakeholders, including customers or consumers, workers and their trade unions, members, the community, nongovernmental organizations, etc.

SOCIRES will define a set of skills needed to analyze and define social influences and responsibilities of an organization, as well as skills needed to define procedures that would ensure the optimal ratio between social responsibilities and economic interests of the organization. The scope and core subjects of social responsibly on the basis of the newly published ISO 26000 will be considered.

The skills of Social Responsibility Managers are needed in:

  • companies / organizations – to improve their SR awareness and status,
  • governmental and other important decision making bodies – to monitor the SR influence and status of an organization in the local environment,
  • non-governmental bodies and organizations aiming to improve the SR status in the society – to manage their activities more efficiently,
  • society in general – to understand the possibilities to improve life in society.

SOCIRES project objectives

Objective 1:
Development of training and certification schema for the social responsibility area, called Social Responsibility Manager, applicable to training on the labor market and for university master students.

Objective 2:
Development of training material, a learning portal and a pool of exam questions (training package) for “Social Responsibility Manager”.

Objective 3:
Implementation of trials of the training package and certification schema with 260 participants.

Objective 4:
Assurance of sustainability of the SOCIRES training and certification schema at the European level within the ECQA .

Objective 5:
Dissemination of information about the importance of social responsibility topic on the market.

Duration and Partnership

DURATION OF PROJECT:1. 1. 2011 do31. 12. 2012
CONTRACT NUMBER:2010 – 3621 / 001 – 001


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