Application Development Technology


Type of course: Lectures, laboratory
Number of credits: 5
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 30/0/15

Host institute: Institute of Information Technology

Purpose and requirements of the subject:

Course teaching is intended that the student:

  • Learn in a visual development environment, a higher level of use;
  • Apply the object-oriented design methods;
  • Make user-friendly user interface;
  • Use database applications for the development;
  • Know how to print the application lists and reports;
  • Provide for the application installation package.


Higher-level components

  • Applets
  • Other layouts
  • Scroll bar - JScrollBar
  • Tree - JTree
  • Pop-up menu - JPopupMenu
  • MDI and SDI applications
  • Auxiliary Device Panel
  • Additional text fields - JTextPane, JEditorPane
  • Table - JTable
  • XML processing
  • Special panels; JavaBeans

Database access

  • The java.sql package - the Driver Class and Connection Manager Interface
  • Send SQL queries - the Statement and ResultSet interfaces
  • Transaction management
  • Stored procedures and batch queries using
  • Access Control


  • A separate software task preparation, pre-published specification.

Method of teaching: Theory, practice

Suggested pre-requisites: -

Supporting material:


  • Practical examination, where simple tasks should be solved individually within 120 minutes in the computer laboratory, similar ones that have been exercised during the term.