Visual Programming


Type of course: Lectures, laboratory
Number of credits: 4
Hours (Lecture/Seminar/Lab): 30/0/15

Host institute: Institute of Information Technology

Purpose and requirements of the subject:

The goal of the subject is the introduction of a widely used, Windows-based development environment, i.e. the Microsoft Visual Studio, and getting acquainted with some of its popular .NET programming languages like Visual Basic or C #.


After getting acquainted with the foundation of programming, the students will learn the basic steps of developing Windows-based programmes by applying object oriented planning and implementation techniques, setting up the graphical user interface, and setting up event driven control, which can be used in similar development environments.


  • Practical knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and the MS Office Software Suit.

Method of teaching:

During the lectures the theoretical foundation will be discussed showing several practical examples. Beside this lectures in the computer laboratory  students will solve simple tasks individually.

Suggested pre-requisites:

  • Completed subjects like Basics of Programming

Supporting material:

  • Starting out with Visual C# 2012 (with CD-Rom), 3/E, Tony Gaddis, ISBN-10: 0133129454, ISBN-13: 9780133129458, 2014, Addison-Wesley, Published 06/03/2013
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  • Practical examination, where simple tasks should be solved individually within 45 minutes in the computer laboratory, similar ones that have been exercised during the term. The MSDN Help system can be used during the exam, but no other supporting material is allowed.